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Thank You "Dr. Corsi" for the Real Truth

For quite some time now, this blog has addressed the many long-term workers who have been excluded from the national unemployment rate.  Now Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, a graduate of Harvard, reveals in his latest article, Here's the Real Unemployment Rate, the real rate of unemployment that includes those workers who have dropped out of the workforce over the last four years.  The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) includes those workers who have stopped looking for work and are still unemployed only for a one-year period; those past the first-year mark are not included in the stats.  Yes, that leaves a gaping hole.  How big?

According to Dr. Corsi's article, the real unemployment rate should be almost 23%, not 7.8%.  Since the BLS has six levels of rates when comparing the unemployment numbers, it can be very confusing.  Thankfully, the economist John Williams who is responsible for figuring out this rate, has been able to come up with a more realistic figure.  What does that mean to you?

A real reason to stop blaming yourself.  No doubt you have been discouraged and tried almost everything to get work.  Unlike other times that you may have been laid off work or lost your job in the past, you were able to quickly and smoothly transition into something else.  However, times are different!  John Williams, the economist quoted in Dr. Corsi's article, said our time is "at a level that rivals any other downturn of the post-Great Depression era.”  My dear friends, though, do not give up.  You may not get the kind of job you had or think you should have.  So what is so good about that?

Alternative skills, creativity, and new priorities must be tapped into.  No doubt you have already begun the process.  There are opportunities out there.  In this economy you must think "outside the box" and be willing to do things you may not have considered doing before.  Who knows?  You may even find out that you actually like doing something different.  Whatever your circumstances, count your blessings.  Again, you may be tired of hearing that when you are struggling to pay bills. Whatever you do, do not give up hope.  YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS!   Follow this link,
Recession and Depression--Coping Skills You May Need, for more suggestions in coping in today's economy.

This blog contains other ideas you may want to look at in seeking work.  However, I would love to hear what ideas you have come up with in pursuing a new job and making money.  Feel free to share what has worked for you.

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  1. I live in Australia, am unemployed, and with continued mention in the media about our 5% unemployment rate - continually feel I am the one to blame for having such difficulty in finding work (even though I'm skilled, qualified, etc.) Fortunately other media commentators report that the actual statistics are more than double what is being officially quoted. I've found that volunteer work (in a charity shop) has been good for new skills development, resume gaps, and confidence. Also, I've developed a blog: 50 Shades of Unemployment at - http://50shadesofunemployment.blogspot.com.au/