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It May Be Time to Scrap Your Job

Yes, in an economy where everyone is holding on to their job for dear life, why would anyone quit or scrap their job?  It would be nice to think that there isn't any job too hard for you to tackle.  That just isn't the case.  The real truth is that not everyone can physically, mentally, or emotionally handle any job.  So how do you know when it is time to let go of your current job and move on?  For those of you who have recently joined the ranks of the employed again, would you recognize that the new job just isn't right for you?

When is it time to look for another job?
  • Physically Challenging - Obviously, each job has particular physical requirements specific to the job. However, whatever those requirements, no job is worth damaging your physical body.  Whether you suffer short-term or long-term damage, the price you pay is too high.  While some injuries are temporary--others may cause permanent damage along with chronic pain. Lifting heavy objects, standing in one spot for hours, repetitive motion without a break, and exposure to hazardous chemicals may be more than your body can adjust to.  If you have already taken ergonomically-corrective measures in your job and are still having problems, then you may want to seriously reconsider moving to a a job that has less of an impact on your body.  Always check with your personal physician if you are having physical problems that are either caused by or aggravated by your current job.  In some instances, the problems you are having could be covered under workers' compensation such as repetitive motion in your job.  Check with your doctor first before filing a claim.
  • Mentally or Emotionally Challenging - If you are absolutely exhausted every day as a result of the mental or emotional strain of your job, then you should reconsider another line of work.  You may have a bad day once and a while dealing with customers or clients.  However, if you find yourself mindlessly staring at the television set night after night feeling drained, then you too may want to consider moving on to a job that is less demanding mentally and emotionally.  Are you suffering depression as a result of your current job?  Again, is it every day or just now and then?  Some jobs such as nursing, sales, working with ones that are mentally-challenged can be very taxing.  People that love these types of jobs just glide through them with ease day after day.  Others may struggle through each day. Every job is not a perfect fit for every person.
Yes, changing jobs in itself can be stressful.  The good part about this situation is that once you are employed, you become much more employable to other employers.  I know, that is a mouthful.  Never quit a job until you have another one, especially in this economy.  If you just went back to work, after being on the unemployed ranks for a while, it may be jolting to even consider changing your job.  However, just because you haven't worked for a while doesn't mean you should subject yourself to the strain and drain of a job that is not right for you.  With dignity and a little smarts you will be able to find work conducive to your physical, mental, and emotional makeup.  Knowing what you don't need or like in seeking a job is just as important as what you do like or need; in some cases it may be more important!