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Unemployed or Employed--Should You Decompress?


At times the sudden loss of a job can throw you totally off your game. Even for those who are well aware they will be unemployed at a future date it can be challenging.  In addition, living in this stressful world life is full of many unexpected and expected markers.  Facing these daily challenges of family issues, aging, sickness, and many more things too numerous to mention can mount up without you realizing its negative impact on you.  So, what can you do?  Yes, decompress.

To decompress simply means to release something from pressure or compression. Obviously, you can't hide under a rock. Life will continue to throw you stuff. However, you can for a short period of time do a few things to relieve your pressure so you can feel in charge and back on track again.  Here are a few things that might help you.

1.  Let your friends know that you are in a decompress mode for a while.  Let them know you do not want to discuss negative events or problems.  It's time to fill your mind with positive reflections.

2.  Cut down your exposure to electronic devices such as your PC or smartphone.  Stop checking your e-mail every few minutes.  You can program your phone to only ring on ones you have specified such as immediate family members.  Not sure if all phones have this feature.  Simplify for a while.

3.  Connect with nature.  Whatever the season, take a walk outside.  If weather warrants it, take a stroll through your favorite park.  Don't use this time to think about problems; use this time to relax and create positive thoughts.

4.  Do something that relaxes you such as going to the movies, painting a picture, or reading a new book.  Make sure you do something you wouldn't normally do because of your busy schedule.  Make time for YOU.

5.  Get a little bit more sleep.  The majority of adults today do not get enough rest.  They stay up too late watching television or surfing the web.  Healing of the body and mind requires the right amount of sleep to rejuvenate.

6.  Get a massage or manicure.  The relaxation of a good massage can do wonders to relieve your pressure.

7.  Don't jump back into the rat race too soon.  Take enough time to get your bearings and equilibrium back again.

Trying to decompress is not easy.  Once you have mastered this though, you will begin to handle life's greatest challenges again, even finding a job.  Also, don't be afraid to decompress for a day if you feel on overload. The world will be yours again with sharpened clarity and regained balance.