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Save Money With Prime!

Save Hundreds of Dollars Streaming--Use Roku

Unemployed, under-employed, or just want one of the best deals around?  Of course you do.  There is a great way to save money and still get quality entertainment.  Start streaming.   What is streaming?   How much of a savings are you really talking about? Will I still have great entertainment? These are all fair questions.

In non-technical terms, streaming is basically compressed data that is transmitted to your television via a wireless internet connection and a streaming device. You will be able to see programs pertaining to exercise, food, news, music, education and thousands of movies and other topics of interest in the privacy of your own home. I personally use the Roku system and love it.  Depending on which Roku box or streaming stick you choose, you will get 1,000 + channels including many that are free. For a minimal monthly fee, you can also purchase additional channels such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. These stations also offer television episodes of some of your classical favorites. Some other channels give you the capability of purchasing or renting newly released movies without leaving your driveway.  Great feature in bad weather.

Unlike your cable bill that continues month after month, your purchase of the Roku is a one-time payment. Think of the hundreds of dollars you will save!  Of course, do not cancel your internet service.  Remember, the second item you need is a wireless internet connection.  If you don't have a wireless connection, it is easy to set up.  Your local internet provider can help you.  You will need your wireless username and password to set up the Roku box.  Don't worry it is easy...

There are other streaming devices on the market.  Our home purchased the basic Roku system a few years ago and have had many quality hours of entertainment for ourselves as well as my grandchildren. I forgot to mention the many children's stations and movies for the little ones. This alone is worth its purchase.

For further details and purchase, please follow the  Roku link in the sidebar. You don't need to be a technical guru to set this up.  The instructions are as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
Have fun...