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Changing Your Response to Change Equals Positive Results

For many people change is a not a welcome friend.  However, as times goes on you soon find out that life is always changing.  Very few things stay the same.  Example--millions have been knocked out of their so called "secure jobs" thrust into a tailspin. Yes, many changes occur whether we want them or not.  What about you? Are you a professional that recently lost your job after many years of expertise in your field?  Or, perhaps you are contemplating a change in careers because you are just unhappy with the present situation you find yourself in? How you respond to change in any of these situations could determine your future success and yes, even your happiness.

When it comes to change, please consider the following...

  • With regard to employment, most people are good at a number of things.  Just because you have picked one job over another, does not mean you can't do other types of work; and actually be good at it.  Consider embracing something new as an adventure.
  • You successfully adjust to change daily without even thinking about it.  Seasonal changes, traffic situations, unexpected phone calls, are just a few changes that alter the moment.  Bigger events requiring adjustments in your life may be just as easy adjusting to depending on your perception. Ride the change; don't buck every turn and twist.
  • Many changes can be reversed or just stopped if you really don't care for them.  Of course, caution is advised if it is something hard to reverse. Look before you leap. There are some changes that are permanent.
  • Give yourself ample time to accept the change in your life.  The average time according to research that a new behavior becomes a habit takes about 66 days (of course for some it may be less or more time). 
Life can be an adventure if you are willing to change and be flexible when needed.  Many opportunities are right at your doorstep, yes a foot away.  Remember, only a few tweaks here and there may make the difference.  Go for it my friend.

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