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Unemployed--Get Up and Move

Yes, it may be time for you to get up and start moving.  Don't get me wrong, I know you have been trying to find the right job, etc. etc.   However, the fall of the year has some unique benefits that can actually get you moving, not backward, but forward.  What do I mean?

Everyone gets sluggish from time to time.  It's even worse when you have more time on our hands, energy drained.  For many people, the colors of fall such as the bright oranges and shades of red and violet serve to energize. Research indicates that the body pumps more adrenaline as you observe the more vivid colors.  This explains, at least for me, why in the fall of the year I feel more creative and a drive to physically work.  So take advantage of this time to once again look at your job choices with a fresh perspective and clearer focus.  You may be surprised what opportunities may open up for you. Take action and move.

Another thing that I have noticed in the fall, is that the air feels crisp and the skies can be so clear. Personally, while walking outside I feel that I get greater mental clarity; yes, I think clearer. Try it. If this is your experience, then use this window of time wisely.  Get rid of clutter (both mental and physical), revisit your priorities, make small mini-attainable goals, and balance your life. Keep it simple. Just move while the iron is hot.