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Insurance While Unemployed--Are There Any Options?

Insurance while unemployed is a real concern for the millions of unemployed workers who have not only lost their job--but have also lost their health insurance benefits.  Whether you are currently looking for work or have accepted a temporary job without any benefits, there are optional short-term health care plans with numerous providers that may fit your need.  Who may need short-term insurance coverage?  Also, what are some main points to consider before purchasing short-term health care coverage?

Who needs short-term insurance coverage or coverage that lasts between 6-12 months?  Actually, everybody needs some type of medical coverage--even if it is short-term.  Why?  A family with low-cost health care needs can get hit at any time with a sudden illness, accident or catastrophe creating a financial dilemma.  Then, there goes without saying the families with higher cost prescriptions and those in their family suffering from a chronic illness that must have medical care.  Short-term insurance can bridge that gap between your old coverage and a new plan you are waiting to go on.  The downside of short-term though is that you would have to renew the policy at the end of the term; thus screening of your eligibility requirements again are necessary.

What are some other points you may want to consider when and if you decide to purchase short-term health insurance:

  • Deductible -- The deductibles can run pretty high on short-term insurance.  Some of the deductibles that I looked at were several thousand dollars.  However, once the deductible is met (depending on the policy you pick) their can be a significant drop in the amounts you may be paying in co-pay and prescriptions.
  • In or Out of Network -- If you choose a physician within most networks, the cost is usually less out-of-pocket.  However, if you choose a physician outside the network it is generally a higher cost. Also, you need to know if your physician is covered under said policy.
  • Capping of Costs -- Check the capping of the overall amount of costs the policy will cover for your benefit period.  This is important if you anticipate incurring higher than usual medical costs for that period.
  • Preventative Care -- Does the policy include yearly physical, breast-care exams, etc. at no cost?  If not, you might want to reconsider the policy.
In my estimation, your medical needs should warrant the higher cost of short-term health care insurance. For many of the unemployed purchasing of any insurance is just not an option.  For many unemployed the lower budget they now have will not stretch that far.  However, should you be in a  position to pay for a health care plan, you should review and compare the various plans available by getting online quotes.  There are representatives always ready and wanting to help you find the right plan to fit your personal needs. Yes, insurance while unemployed is possible for you.  With plans changing every day you may find one to fit your temporary needs if it is within your current budget.  Good health to you.

Temp Jobs May Be Your Next Option

If you are reading this blog, you may be one of the millions of people that have found themselves unemployed over the last few years.  While a portion of people are still collecting unemployment others have fallen off the unemployment ranks and just stopped looking for work.  Please do not be downhearted. There may be another option for you.  Have you considered temping?

By "temping" we are referring to taking a job on a temporary basis either through an agency or directly from the company. In the past, you may have put a "thumbs down" to such an idea.  However, more and more companies are hiring employees on a temporary basis. Here are a some benefits you might receive if choosing a temporary position:
  • You can spruce up your skills.  We all get rusty if our skills are not being fully utilized. Temping is a perfect opportunity to get your groove back.
  • Learn a new skill.  At times, your assignment or job may have need of some skills you
    may not have.  Many employers that hire "temps" are willing to teach you a new method, skill, or procedure. The newly mastered skill can then be added onto your resume.
  • Being employed as a "temp" looks good on your resume when sending to potential
    employers.  Prospective employers like to see that you have an industrious spirit.
  • Networking.  Whenever you are a temporary worker you will have the opportunity to
    network with other employees and at times depending on the business--prospective
  • If you are a good worker, and the timing is right, you might transition into the same
    job as a permanent worker or springboard into another position that opens up with the
  • As long as you complete your temp job and continue to look for work once the job is
    finished, you might be able to accumulate earned weeks toward future unemployment.  Of course, that will depend upon your benefit year eligibility and the state's legal requirements.
  • Earning a paycheck throughout the year may qualify you  for the "earned income tax credit" with regard to your dependent children.  Check with your tax preparer to make sure what the tax law requires and your tax status.
  • Pays bills.  This is helpful!
  • Restores your self-worth.  Unfortunately, losing a job has a way of stripping  your
    positive spirit. Having a routine again may put zip back into your step.
Temping may not necessarily get you your dream job; but there are opportunities to find.
Look into the temporary jobs in your area, check with temp agencies, and check online too.  Temping may be the right option for you at this time with some unique benefits.