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Is Your Boss Driving You Crazy

Is your boss driving you crazy? Although most of our employers are great people, some of them were never meant to be a supervisor or a boss.  As you know, it is a skill to teach, motivate, and supervise an employee. If you are the owner of your own company you certainly can appreciate the challenges you face communicating with each and every worker you have. However, if you are the recipient of a bad-boss-scenario, when is it time to pack up and go? How bad is bad?

Here are some situations that might send you packing:

1.  Your boss openly degrades your work and job knowledge in front of other employees although you have asked him privately not to.

2.  Your boss has given you a workload that is beyond reasonability, exceeding all human limits. This problem is not a one-time project.

3.  Extreme personality differences.  This is a tough one.  The boss reads your explanations as insubordination while you just want them to understand your reasoning.  

4.  Your boss continually changes policy in mid-stream making you look like the idiot.

5.  Your boss is the final authority. As such there is nobody else you can take your concerns to.

6.  Unfortunately, there are times when jealousy can be a factor.  You might know more than your boss on the subject.  

7.  NO matter how hard you try, your boss feels you do everything wrong. 

At this point, no doubt you have addressed your concerns with the appropriate party.  However, if there are no legal issues, and nothing has changed, then consider changing jobs.  If you are waking up with the dread of another day at work, then move on.  Some situations no matter how hard you individually try will not change.  Chalk it off as a learning experience, not a failure.

Mental abuse on a daily basis can wear heavily on your health.  It may not be easy getting another job.  What to do?  Start applying and sending out resumes to other employers.  Hang in as long as you can at your present job until you get another one.  Develop patience and self-control to make it through the last of your bad-boss-scenario days. 

Don't try and defend yourself.  At this point it just doesn't work; you know you are a good worker. What else?  If possible give your notice and leave the job with as little strained feelings as possible. Stay professional and keep your emotions in check. Remember, you will find the right fit. Stay positive. Your new job is just around the corner. 

Whether Employed or Not--Starting and Keeping a New Habit Is Challenging

It's always challenging when we decide to start something new, like a habit, in our life.  Of course, if you are currently working, your hours may already be strained with other essential commitments.  If you are currently looking for work, in the unemployed lines, then the time is there to start developing a positive habit but not necessarily the desire.  In both instances, here are a few tips that may help you kickstart a new habit that in time could profit your health, happiness, and pocketbook.

1.  Work on one habit at a time. Start small.  At times, we get an idea to do something and we go to the extreme on it. It must be a human thing.  However, we soon get discouraged because we can't finish the task we set out to complete.  Shoot low and reasonably.  If you want to add more vegetables to your diet that is currently deficient, then start with one added vegetable a day.  If you have left off juicing because time has gotten away from you, then start with a fresh juice every three days. Remember at first to keep the habit small and consistent.

2.  Have a good reason for this new habit.  In other words, concentrate on why you are starting this habit and its benefits.  Post a note in an obvious location as to the benefits of this new habit. Motivation, although small, can work its magic.  Perhaps you have trouble smiling and want to smile more.  Yes, nobody likes a grouch.  Try and make one person smile back at you when you smile at them. Do daily. Now you have brightened your day and theirs.  I'd say that's a good reason to continue your smiling habit.

3. Share or not to share with a friend.  Personally for me sharing doesn't always work. The added pressure of someone watching does not help me.  I do better if I keep it to myself if I am starting a new regimen or habit.  Believe me, I can be pretty tough on myself. However, some people need to share with someone.  Sharing with a buddy can help many people to continue their habit and stay accountable.  Just make sure you and your buddy have open communication or it will not help.

4. Don't give up or view as failure.  I could quote some sayings here, but basically it has been said that a new habit takes 21 days to form.  Don't look at it as failure.  Look at as a learning experience, especially about yourself.  You are learning what works and what doesn't work for you.

5.  Not all habits are equal.  Some habits that we need to form are of a serious nature and can be critical in our life.  A lifetime habit can be hard to stop while trying to incorporate a new one.  More serious things should be regulated and consulted with by professionals.

6.  Have a sense of humor.  Finding laughter in a new habit can lighten the air and actually help you to stay on track.  As with all things in life. laughter can get you through the smallest and biggest problems of life.

So my friend, start with one facet of your new habit, start small, reason on its benefits, don't give up, and by all means, learn to laugh at yourself (the good, bad, and ugly).  Remember, most good habits will lead to positive things such as better health, happiness, and possibly a profitable pocketbook.  

Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills

Photo - Pixabay.com

Oh the joys of going on a new job interview.  You know--the sweating palms and racing heart.  Can you prepare in a way that may shave off some of the fear and lack of confidence?  Yes.  Here is a link to a free video with additional training and information that may help you.  There are some great testimonials by people that have applied the advice in the video.  Let me know if this video helps you personally. The video is by Deniz Sasal. Here is the Landing Interviews Video.

Entrepreneurs--Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

No doubt many times you have heard the expression "don't put all your eggs in one basket." However, for entrepreneurs that could mean the difference between making or losing a sale. In previous articles of this blog I have discussed different types of businesses you might look into to make money when unemployed.  Here though is an additional aspect to consider when starting your own business: diversify!  Yes, diversity is the name of the game in this challenging economic environment that becomes increasingly competitive each day.  So what does it mean to diversify?

Basically, when you diversify you offer or create variety of your product or service. The more things you offer your customer means they will get more for their money. That's a win for them.  As such, you also have a greater chance of hitting something they need or want.  Of course, never sacrifice quality. Remember, quality and price can and should be brothers. How then do you diversify?

Keep it simple.  Once you have started your small business and interchange with your customers, you will see what additional things they may be looking for. Realistically look at your abilities, talents, cost factors, and time involvement when determining your next direction.  You could have a trial-run with a few customers to determine if it is a money maker and something you could enthusiastically support. If it drains too much from your original intent of your business or doesn't feel right, you'll know not to launch the additional service or product.

Here are some examples of diversification:
  • dog walking combined with house sitting and shopping
  • house cleaning combined with shopping
  • house painting combined with power washing
  • companion care combined with dog sitting or dog walking
  • accounting service combined with notary service
  • lunch deliveries combined with homemade bake goods
  • car wash combined with pick-up and delivery services
  • wedding planning combined with center piece arrangements
  • wedding cakes combined with cookies for wedding or family
  • private car detailing combined with grass cutting
One of the best examples of diversification is Handy.com, a cleaning service based in NYC. This company has an excellent web site for booking and explaining their services.  Their extra services include deeper cleaning of specific areas in the home that are not part of most general cleaning services.  Learn from others how they have diversified.  You don't always need to re-invent the wheel.

Hopefully, you get the idea.  In addition, do not forget to check with your local authorities to make sure you are meeting all legal and licensing requirements.  Get your thinking caps on and get busy with diversification.

Do You Have A Sick Car Just Putting Along?

When your budget tightens up ironically your car suddenly has everything wrong with it.  I know, I have been there.  However, regular maintenance and repair are essential to the longevity of an automobile.  Unfortunately, a job loss or staying in an under-employed position may keep you from performing the necessary car repairs to safely stay on the road.

Several years ago, I wrote an article about the millions of sick cars on the road.  I am including the link here because there may some helpful hints to help you in the upkeep of your car's maintenance. Let's be honest, cars are a headache and whole lot of money to maintain.  Here's my link:
Sick Cars--Millions May Be on the Road .

Everyone Needs to Look Up Now and Then

This is certainly an odd title, "Everyone Needs to Look Up Now and Then."  I finished working with one of my clients the other night when I for some odd reason sat on the couch and looked up. I had been in this room many times but never noticed the beautiful fan fixture and high arched ceiling.  At that moment it struck me that we go through our every day life focused on what we have to do and at times miss seeing things around us.  Some of these things we miss are inconsequential; however, not everything.  What could you learn from visually looking up?

Everyone from time to time gets caught up in what they are doing.  In many cases, you need to be focused to complete your task.  However, looking up should have a deeper fulfillment and meaning. The next day after noticing the ceiling fan, I looked up at the sky.  No I mean really "looked."  My conclusion was a reminder of the complexity and beauty that surround us. It is humbling when you consider your small contribution to an already existent dynamic world. Why consider the quality of humility?

For the most part, people are taught to be assertive and strong.  That's fine at the right time. Yet, the quality of humility should lace your life.  A humble person considers other people and their feelings. Their speech and tone is considerate and not arrogant when dealing in various situations. Being humble, let's not forget kind, will positively affect your life.  Humility allows you to tap into the challenges others face. When other people feel you care, communication opens up. When communication opens, your world changes.  This applies in every situation in life.

Employed or unemployed, look up now and then.  Allow yourself to try and understand the bigger picture of things surrounding you.  See that the world around you is dynamic, complex, and intriguing. Slow down, look up, and connect with the smaller less noticeable things in life which may make a huge difference in your life.  Oh, and when you do look up, make sure you know why the sky is blue!

Unemployed or Employed--Should You Decompress?


At times the sudden loss of a job can throw you totally off your game. Even for those who are well aware they will be unemployed at a future date it can be challenging.  In addition, living in this stressful world life is full of many unexpected and expected markers.  Facing these daily challenges of family issues, aging, sickness, and many more things too numerous to mention can mount up without you realizing its negative impact on you.  So, what can you do?  Yes, decompress.

To decompress simply means to release something from pressure or compression. Obviously, you can't hide under a rock. Life will continue to throw you stuff. However, you can for a short period of time do a few things to relieve your pressure so you can feel in charge and back on track again.  Here are a few things that might help you.

1.  Let your friends know that you are in a decompress mode for a while.  Let them know you do not want to discuss negative events or problems.  It's time to fill your mind with positive reflections.

2.  Cut down your exposure to electronic devices such as your PC or smartphone.  Stop checking your e-mail every few minutes.  You can program your phone to only ring on ones you have specified such as immediate family members.  Not sure if all phones have this feature.  Simplify for a while.

3.  Connect with nature.  Whatever the season, take a walk outside.  If weather warrants it, take a stroll through your favorite park.  Don't use this time to think about problems; use this time to relax and create positive thoughts.

4.  Do something that relaxes you such as going to the movies, painting a picture, or reading a new book.  Make sure you do something you wouldn't normally do because of your busy schedule.  Make time for YOU.

5.  Get a little bit more sleep.  The majority of adults today do not get enough rest.  They stay up too late watching television or surfing the web.  Healing of the body and mind requires the right amount of sleep to rejuvenate.

6.  Get a massage or manicure.  The relaxation of a good massage can do wonders to relieve your pressure.

7.  Don't jump back into the rat race too soon.  Take enough time to get your bearings and equilibrium back again.

Trying to decompress is not easy.  Once you have mastered this though, you will begin to handle life's greatest challenges again, even finding a job.  Also, don't be afraid to decompress for a day if you feel on overload. The world will be yours again with sharpened clarity and regained balance.