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Yesterday's Opportunities Should Be Today's Special Moments

Well, this year looks promising. The economy appears to be turning around.  However, if you are reading my blog you no doubt are recently unemployed or are still reaching out for that great job. What's interesting about life though is that it is in constant transition.  Things will always be changing around us--whether it's the job market, your health, or personal issues.  Over the last year significant events in my own life have required my attention. In processing this, a reminder jumped out loud and clear--put priorities first not problems.  What do I mean?

Solving and dealing with problems is just part of living.  Somehow you will continue to work through issues that arise from time to time in your life.  However, will the anxiety of handling daily problems dominate your very being?  When you become consumed with your problems, you may miss out on more important issues, opportunities and moments that you would have otherwise taken care of or happily indulged in.  Here are a few reminders:
  • Have you recently called your sibling/s or parents to see how they are doing?  How much more special this is if they live many miles away?
  • Have you recently checked out your pet's current health?  When you are consumed with problems, you may not recognize your beloved pet is not up to par.
  • Have you neglected to carry out a promise you made to someone?
  • Have you taken a walk with someone you love?
  • Have you checked out your own health?  Are you taking better care of yourself today than yesterday?
  • Have you visited anyone ill, elderly, or just needing encouragement? These may be moments you will never forget or get back again.
  • Has spirituality been an avenue you have been putting on the back burner?
  • Have you made a Living Will?  Hopefully, this doesn't sound morbid. However, it is common for many people to put this off when really it is a vital document.
  • Have you recently taken a mini-vacation somewhere to relax and restore your sanity?
  • Have you adjusted your eating habits to accommodate your needs and not just that of the entire family? Again, it is common for a parent to put their own needs secondary to that of the family.
  • Most importantly, have you recently told your family and friends how much you love them?
Yes, you will be able to solve some but not all of your unique problems; but, do not let them consume you.  Do not miss out on the more important things.  Whether it is work or family issues, life has a way of working these things out.  Just remember yesterday's opportunities should be today's special moments.