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Your Best Five Qualities--Safeguard Your Self-Esteem

Unfortunately, we would like to say everyone is employed and working happily ever after. However, it just isn't so.  Unemployment is rampant across the world.  If you are in the ranks of the unemployed, what are you doing to keep your self-esteem and spirits up?  Have you recently taken inventory of your top five best qualities? 

One of the first things to go down when you lose a job, especially through no fault of your own, is your self-esteem.  Most companies have made cuts as across-the-board layoffs.  As such, the quality of work along with your great character no doubt were not taken into consideration.  If they did consider your top-notch work and still added you to the ranks of the unemployed, then "shame on them."

If you have been feeling down, now is time for you to look at your top five best qualities.  Why is this so important?  Worldwide there has been an increase in suicides.  Many experts believe this is a reflection of the economic downturn.  See my article, Recession and Depression--Coping Skills You May Need.  Although many other factors have contributed to the suicide rates, negative feelings certainly do not help the equation.  Everyone faces negative situations on a daily basis.  When you start to feel your problems are overwhelming, it is time to stop and take inventory of the positives.  So let's get started...

Since some people may not know where to begin, let me suggest some qualities you may not have considered about yourself (I am sure you can list many more)...

  • Are you a kind person?  Do you try and help someone less advantaged than you?
  • Are you loyal?  Loyalty is greatly lacking today; at all levels.  This is a wonderful asset.
  • Are you a good listener?  Listening is an art.  If you already possess this great skill, then be happy.
  • Do you love to smile?  Smiling is contagious, warm, and inviting. 
  • Are you patient?  Patient people actually are healthier and at times less stressed than other people. 
  • Are you punctual?  Other people like it when you are on time. It shows your courteous and respectful side.
  • Are you industrious?  An industrious person completes the job and is dependable. 
  • Are you a good cleaner?  This is important.  Having a clean home or environment is a welcome mat for visitors and a comforting place for members of your household.
  • Are you a moral person? Today, morality of any kind is disregarded too quickly.  It is refreshing to find a person with strong morals.
These are some qualities I came up with that you may be wonderfully endowed with.  Don't take for granted your good qualities.  We live in an age when character is tossed aside too easily.  You may lose your job and money but nobody can take your character, made up of all your lovely qualities,  away from you.  Keep your self-esteem.