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Find the Adventure NOT Struggle in Job Loss

I woke up this morning thinking about how so many of you have had to struggle each day with finding work that will pay the bills and take care of your family.  However, today I am thinking more along the lines of exploring the excitement or adventure of changing jobs and not the grief of losing a job. Obviously, for whatever reasons employment can end at any time; either your choice or not. That being said here is my thoughts.

Find the adventure not the struggle.  Do not be afraid.  Fear holds you back from so many positive things in your life.  You can either drown in self-pity and get thrown off of your game when a job loss crosses your path or tackle the bull standing in your way. For the sake of visualization, I see the bull as anything stopping you from advancing in your life in a positive manner.  So, take the bull down.

The important thing is not to freeze or panic.  You are a survivor.  Perhaps you can reflect on how the old-timers faced giant obstacles in their life.  Many people that survived the Depression era refer to themselves as "survivors." Although they may have been very young at the time, they fully remember their challenges of daily living. We tend to look at them at times as being very frugal and not wasting anything.  However, there a resilience they have that is to be respected. Can you duplicate that type of  resilient spirit?

Over the last few years  I have had the privilege of working with elderly ones living well into their 90's. They have certain things in common.  Most of them take one day at a time.  They do not look at life, even with their physical ailments, as an end. They tackle each obstacle with a positive view. Some of them do not complain. I say "some" because you will always have complainers. What you and I would look at as an obstacle, they look at it as "just life." They just deal with it and move on. Perhaps that is one of the basic happiness keys to coping with life.

Your next question then is, where is the adventure?  Personally, you can find adventure if you are looking for it.  One definition of adventure mentions "finding excitement."  What excites you? Transitioning into another job or means of employment can and should be exciting.  Why?
  • New Environment
  • New Co-Workers
  • Different Set of Challenges
  • New Budget Financially to Work With
  • New Route to Work
  • Perhaps Different Set of Hours
  • Fresh Start With a Great Attitude
At this point, I do not need to continue the list. You get the point.  Find the adventure or excitement in whatever you are doing,  It is possible.  You will be much happier for it!  Also, try visualization when you need to knock out a negative thought that keeps hounding you.  A great book that I have mentioned before to create a healthy attitude to turn your life around is: "U Turn Your Life" by Zeeshan Raza.  Enjoy!