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Unemployed--Don't Drop Your Roadside Assistance

Being unemployed or under-employed may cause you to necessarily cut corners in your budget.  However, do not hastily drop your towing or roadside assistance coverage.  Although your car may be running fine today, it could break down tomorrow.  As the money tightens, you may put off or get by with as little as possible in car repair. You may want to read the article "Sick Cars--Millions May Be on the Road" for some practical ways to address your maintenance needs. However, do not drop your towing or roadside assistance coverage.

I speak from experience.  My truck, which was over twenty years old, broke down three times this past winter.  I wasn't financially ready for a huge truck repair.  However, since I had recently purchased roadside assistance coverage, I was able to have my truck towed twice and jump-started once.  By the third time, I was in a better position financially to repair the truck.  Needless to say, the mechanic finally figured out the problem!

Some of you may have this service included with your auto insurance payment.  Others may pay a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual fee for coverage.  There is another route--purchasing coverage on a monthly-basis at a smaller premium amount, with no penalty for cancellation at any time.  By doing it this way, you have more money in your pocket for immediate needs.

I personally recommend Motor Club of America (an independent contractor).  They were professional, courteous, and quick considering the miserable weather conditions. So whatever you do, don't drop your coverage.  You never know where you'll be if or when your car may need help...