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Not Employed Might Be Your Fault Now

You are still not working despite your best efforts to find employment.  Granted, the last few years have been rough for millions in a sick economy.    However, before you get too defensive, let me tell you what I am talking about.  If you have been unemployed for a number of years and you do not collect unemployment anymore, it is time to kick-start some type of work in your life.  Why?
The longer you are not generating work for yourself, the harder it is to get back into the routine of things. As time goes on, you may even begin to doubt your own self-worth.   Stop now.  You are valuable in so many ways. Each and every human being has honorable qualities and positive skills that are beneficial to themselves and others.  That being said, what are some options you can explore?

Besides temporary jobs, self-employment, and going back to school, there are other opportunities. Stop looking for the same type of work in the same fields.  Don't look at the pay scale either. What? For instance, look at what type of things you like to do outside work.  Do you enjoy shopping, swimming, or cooking?  There are jobs in all of these fields you may want to consider. A person who enjoys shopping might enjoy working in a retail store that sells fashionable clothing. Or, if you like sports, what about some type of job working at a health club? Do you see where I am going with this? It's more important that you get back out into the workplace despite the salary you may have made before. This would be a positive and forward direction.

Let's say for example that you get a job working at Starbucks Coffee Company.  Not your field of work; nevertheless, you are working.  What could be some benefits to consider?  Here are a few: 
  1. Meeting People Again
  2. Learning a New Skill
  3. Making Some Money
  4. Ability to Network 
  5. Self-Esteem Soars
  6. Realization That Your Life Isn't That Bad After All!
  7. Breaking the Couch-Potato Syndrome
  8. Establishing a Routine Again
  9. Happier 
  10. Additional Employment to List On Your Resume
I wrote this post not to upset or offend you.  No doubt you truly have tried your best to no avail when it has come to work.  I wanted to encourage you to try something different, perhaps not part of your mindset.  Although I am retired, I have recently been working as a companion caregiver. This is totally different than my experience in administrative work.  However, it has been great--a real eye-opener to the world of the elderly,  I have a learned a lot of new things I didn't have a clue about.  

You have nothing to lose at this point.  Be bold and adventurous!  Happiness can come from the least suspected areas...