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Book Review:

Author:  Blake Levine


As a therapist, life coach, and someone who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at a young age, Blake Levine, shares his own experience and advice in coping with mental illness.  Mr. Levine gives the reader much more than a medical description of the disease.  He is honest, descriptive, and gives hope to millions that will read this book. 

Here are some of the high points the author discusses:
  • Getting a proper diagnosis.  If possible, how to find someone that specializes in
    bipolar disorder and why it may be important.
  • Picking the right doctor for your personality may be critical to your recovery—when to change doctors.
  • Why honesty with your therapist and doctor are essential to proper treatment.
  • How to have wisdom and discernment in who you may share information about your
    disease with.
  • How parents can recognize the early symptoms of bipolar in an adolescent? 
  • Training your mind to think positive and how to smile again.
  • Why you should stay current with medical advancements in treating the disorder.
  • How to regain romance back in your life.  You don't need to be alone.
  • The value of hope.  Mr. Levine says hope should be carried in your pocket.

As a friend or family member of anyone suffering with bipolar disorder, this book will help you to understand the negative stigma and unique challenges faced daily by those with this illness.  If you are personally coping with this disorder, you will find this book packed with gems of wisdom that will help guide you to a more productive and happy life.  

I especially enjoyed Mr. Levine's candor and true life experiences as well as the many links to helpful material and his own web site, willlisten.com..   I would recommend that this book, Beating Bipolar, be added to your personal bookshelf.

Reviewer's Disclaimer:   Beating Bipolar was a complimentary copy received through Net Galley.  I received no monetary compensation from the author or publisher for this review.  It is now part of my personal library.  To purchase this book click the link below:

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