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Use Your Tax Refund Wisely

Some of you may qualify for a tax refund this year.  If you have been unemployed recently, why not take a small portion of your refund and give yourself a treat.   A spa treatment, local trip away from the daily grind, a new outfit, or a discounted flight to an exciting area you may be curious about.  Of course, the practical side of you will definitely want to save some of the refund, catch up on bills, or invest in something that will allow you to make money or market any new ideas you may have. 

Keep your spirits up and enjoy doing something new--but don't blow all of the money.  As you know, it is a long year with many unknown bends and turns.  Do you have any money left from your refund?

Here are some more great ideas to start your own business:  Making Money With a Small Business


  1. Ofcourse, we are not born to just work all day long. We deserve to live happily. Thanks for these ideas.

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  4. Using our resources wisely will help us cope with unemployment. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  6. Very insightful, nice post. In my opinion, the unemployed need to start thinking about how they can employ themselves.