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Job Seekers Be Flexible--Not Foolish

It's been a few few weeks since I have posted.  However, as you already know, the unemployment rate has slightly dropped.  For most Americans that's a  glimmer of hope on the horizon.  So with that glimmer in mind, millions continue to plug ahead with great persistence and flexibility hoping to land a job.  In some cases any job.

Yes, the key word here is flexibility.  We must assess our past experience, abilities, and potential to learn new things.  Looking at the job market from this aspect opens up a larger window of opportunity.  As that window opens and we peer deeper inside though, we need to be careful the window doesn't slam shut on us.  What do I mean?  This--as job seekers
willing to exercise flexibility, we must not be foolish. Taking any job may not be the answer.   Please read my article Job Seekers Be Flexible--Not Foolish before delving into a new job.  Trust me, when you go against all your natural inclinations, it doesn't work.  Let me know how you like the article. 

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