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It May Be Time to Look At Part-Time Positions

At this point in time, many unemployed have tried everything to land a full-time job. Sadly, for millions of people it just hasn't happened. At this point, you may need to change gears. It's time to look at the part-time positions available for you.

Actually due to the economy, many companies are favoring part-time work. Here are a few of the part-time positions I have seen advertised in the newspaper, posted on job sites on the internet, or heard about by word-of-mouth:

  • Cashiering - CVS Drugstore and Blockbuster (Check Local Stores)
  • Green Jobs - Check With the Unemployment Agency in Your Area (Gulf Area Especially)
  • Sales Agents - Department Stores Within Malls Especially During Holiday or Busy Seasons
  • Cleaning - Personally Ask Business Owners If They Need Someone to Clean For Them
    (Don't Forget to Check Local Requirements for Licensing If You Work For Yourself)
  • Craigslist.org - Posts a Variety of Part-Time Positions (Check All Drop-Downs)
These are just a few ideas. Remember, there is no reason why you can't juggle two part-time jobs! Good fortune to you.

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  1. Agreed! Part time can actually be a blessing, especially if you have kids. This may be the season that you're able to go to those special events you weren't able to when you were working full time. Don't be afraid to look for something you can do from home too. There are lots of "work from home" positions that will really give you the flexibility you need for your family. Check out one such company that specializes in this arena, www.NationwideMarketingPros.com.