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One Aspect of Unemployment They Don't Pound

So what do I mean by "one aspect of unemployment they don't pound" ? I have worked part-time on odd jobs and reported to the unemployment bureau every two weeks what I received. Anything over $50.00 was deducted from my weekly benefit amount and the remainder of the benefit amount issued. The negative side of this was that the check or direct deposit takes a lot longer to be issued.

Although this information regarding part-time employment is online and in the information you are to read when you first go on unemployment, it's not something that is broadcast or boldly made to stand out. Consequently, some people are not aware of the fact that they can work part-time and still receive their benefits as long as the wages do not exceed the weekly benefit amount. Of course, they still need to actively seek full-time employment at a pay rate similar to what they lost before they filed. Recently, a brother to a friend of mine wasn't aware he could have been getting the rest of his weekly benefit amount less his gross amount in wages. Once he was informed this was possible, he immediately went to the bureau in his state and re-opened his claim. Now he is glad that he can at least pay his bills and still keep looking for a job similar to the one he had before this whole nightmare began.

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