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Interviewing Skills that Will Land the Job

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Interviewing skills to land the job.  Right...you're thinking.  No doubt you have read many articles boasting about skills you need to land the job via the interviewing process.  However, I will tell you that I personally know someone who has excellent interviewing skills and most of the time lands the job. I have never seen anyone else get jobs so quickly.  Of course, that doesn't mean she accepts all of the offers.  Nevertheless, here are a few of her secrets she shared with me:

  • Check out the company's web site before your interview. Read the "About Us" page. Sometimes the interviewer will ask you about what you know about the company. They are usually impressed if you can bring out an interesting fact or two.
  • If it is an area of work or products you are not familiar with, then "Google" or "You Tube" away! You may be asked something about the nature of the business.
  • Adjust your approach to the interviewer. You are usually told to be yourself. To a degree that is true. However, is the interviewer on the conservative side or are they blessed with a good sense of humor? Respond accordingly.
  • Check out the reception area or the office you may be working around or in. What do the pictures tell you? Are there funny sayings on the wall? Are there family pictures on the desks? Observing the area around you, that is if you are not ushered to a barren conference room, will tell you a lot about the company atmosphere and the people running it. As such, relate in your conversation to something you have observed. For example, maybe you observed they like golf or fishing. If you like outdoor activities too, then let them know.  Pick familiar things to touch on in your conversation.
These techniques actually work. Incorporate one or all of the bullet points...and don't forget to relax before and during the interview. 

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