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Employers - Step Up

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Employers, step up.  That might sound a bit demanding.  However, so many times you only hear how accountable the applicant is as he goes through the interview process.  What do I mean?

You've sent out dozens of resumes.  You finally get called on an interview. You review what your best assets are along with your least desirable attributes.  You repeat in your mind questions you might have to answer. Of course, even worse is picking that interview outfit.  Not too formal, not too casual...hum?

Now what?  You hang on to the last words of the employer as you leave the interview.  Sometimes you get a good feeling...sometimes not.  NOW YOU WAIT.  This is the hardest part of the job-seeking-interview-scenario.  Generally speaking, employers say they will get back to you.  How long? Maybe a week or longer? You now hold your breath. A few weeks go by. No call. You obviously didn't get the job.

Here's where I believe many employers are lacking.  If you took time to be interviewed with a company, then the courtesy of letting you know you DID NOT get the job should be carried through. Over and over again I have seen employers fail to let the person know he did not get the job. They just drop the ball.  In fact, some employers will deliberately not return your phone call to avoid giving you the bad news. Not professional.

Being unemployed is not easy in itself.  Budget problems galore.  However, controlling your anxiety is the key.  The longer the applicant waits to hear yes or no, the greater their anxiety level.   It would be better if the employer knows the applicant is not a suitable fit to tell them as soon as possible. This reduces the anxiety level of the applicant while they can move on to another possible employment opportunity.

My message...employers everywhere...we are not wimps..just step up and let us know.

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