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How Often Are You In Danger On Your Job?

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Yes, how often are you in danger on your job? People from all careers are affected by the pandemic. Many are reconsidering jobs they would never have considered before.  What about you?

Are you considering a new career? If so, how dangerous is it? Or, maybe the career you have just left had dangerous components too?  In any event, the following article reflects upon the dangers our law enforcement face every day.  Here is the link:  How Often Are You In Danger On Your Job?

Is There Such a Thing As a Dead-End Job?

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Is there such a thing as a dead-end job?  It all depends on how you define dead-end.  If you define dead-end as no opportunity for advancement, then you would have to say "yes."  However, in my estimation any job that will support you in taking care of you and your family, that is not illegal or immoral, can be honorable work not "dead-end."

In a society that places so much significance in title and large salary, people have been duped into thinking that is what is needed to be happy.  Of course, you know that is not true.  Although you do need enough to pay your bills and take care of your daily needs, you certainly do not need to be rich.

Service-related jobs can range from low-end to high-end pay rate depending on where you live and the nature of the service.  During this pandemic, jobs in your particular field may be hard to find.  If you are not benefiting from unemployment or you have used up your stimulas check, then you might be looking at a service-related job as a source of income.

Cashiers, servers, mechanics, and the list can go on and on are honorable jobs. In fact, during the pandemic they are essential jobs that some people will not do.  Service-related jobs make up a huge part of the economic framework in any country.

In my particular area of the country, there are many service-related jobs.  The signs are always going up for "help wanted."  If you aren't making ends meet, then give this serious thought.

It could be time for you to switch your channel of thinking at this time.  Waiting for the right job in your field may not come up for a long time. That so called "dead-end" job just might be the thing that will keep you afloat.

And, who knows...you might actually enjoy the job!

(If you are interested in starting a small cleaning account, my book "How to Start a Cleaning Business on a Poor Man's Budget" has some great tips.)

Give Your Next Cashier a Double Thank You

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And, a thank you to all service-related workers.

Hopefully, you have never looked down on people working in service-related jobs. Cashiers make an honest living supporting their families. They are working double duty now as the Covid-19 virus circles our earth. How is that?

The grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc. are flooded and bombarded with people stocking up on necessities. Lines are long, purchases are many, and the hours exhausting for cashiers. Even if a cashier is working her normal shift, it is intense. People are just buying more. Unfortunately, many cashiers are also working extra days and longer hours.

The glaring challenge is a lot more dangerous for them than the minutes of exhaustion throughout the day. Cashiers are facing a volume of people, possible carriers of Covid-19. The cashiers also handle money and at times credit cards. All of this is putting themselves in the front lines to battle this enemy.

To get what we need as consumers, these cashiers are actually putting themselves at risk.

They have families also that they go home to every night, risking exposure to them. Yes, in my book they deserve a double thank you and any expression of gratitude you can give them.

A few days ago, one cashier told me that she is exhausted. The lines do not stop from early morning till close of the store. At the end of the day, she still has to shop for her family and hope something is left in the stores to buy. Perhaps the owner of the store could put something aside for their workers?

I have always felt that any work you do to support your family, as long as it is not illegal, immoral, or hurting someone…is an honorable job.
So, if you are a cashier…THANK YOU…THANK YOU.

Although I have expressed appreciation for cashiers, there are thousands of others working in other service-related jobs that are doing the same thing, sacrifice. As far as doctors and nurses are concerned, the pages of gratitude would fill a book. All are showing the spirit of sacrifice.

(I originally published this on Medium.com March 23, 2020)

Unemployed Take Your Pet Blinders Off

No text today from your favorite pet saying they’re not feeling well. However, they may be sending you signals something is wrong. Are your pet blinders on or off?

Looking back at my favorite cat,Supa, I can honestly say my pet blinders were on. Supa was my pal, companion, and travel buddy when I moved from Ohio to Florida. He definitely was a one person cat that did not want to be picked up by anyone or cuddled. He could be quite mean if he didn’t want to be bothered. Due to his disposition, his distancing himself could at times seem normal. It wasn’t. Something was off.

Just before he disappeared I was preoccupied with personal problems. When problems arise we sometimes fail to see other important issues surrounding us. Unfortunately, that was the case with Supa. My neighbor mentioned that he seemed listless and different. Of course, I dismissed this as just being a little extra tired…getting older.

My neighbor may have been right. While basking in the sun on the porch one morning, Supa disappeared. Flyers covered the small town in Florida as I frantically tried to find him. He would never have just wandered off without returning unless something was wrong. Months passed. No Supa. No closure.

Yes, there are many scenarios as to what may have happened to him. In my mind though looking back there may have been signals that I didn’t pay attention to. He was sleeping more, a little more picky in his eating habits, and more cranky than usual. I didn’t notice the signs at the time. I was told Supa may have wandered off to die.

In any event, there is a solid learning lesson here. Don’t let your personal problems form blinders as to what is happening to others, including your beloved animals. When habits change suddenly or gradually it may be time to take a closer look.

Our animals give us a lot in return for the little that we do for them. Let’s do all we can to help them live a long and healthy life.

This article was originally published at Medium.com on December 25, 2019.Writers'

For those of you unemployed, it is a challenge financially to take care of yourself and your family. Taking care of your dog or cat is also a responsibility that must be met.

Most cities have charitable clinics that offer services at a much lower rate than the general veterinarian's prices. In addition, there are many online sites that offer pet products at a reasonable amount. I have a link at the top of this blog to Budget Pet Care (free shipping) that you might want to check out. Great prices, free shipping!

Unemployed...Be an Affiliate - Do You Need Any Money...

Now that you are unemployed, you still need to make money.  Bills are coming in and your checking and or savings is dwindling.  What can you do that may not cost you any money, or very little money.  Why not try affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?  This is when you promote another person's service or product with a small percentage of the profit going back to you. As an affiliate you refer back to the seller's site directly. So basically you are are the "referring" person not the direct seller.  At least that's how I would describe it.

You do not do any shipping or handling of the product itself.  That stays with the seller.

There are ways to be an affiliate without shoveling out any money.  Here are some main points to consider:
  • Sign up with an affiliate marketing service. I have never seen a charge for this.  As an affiliate, you can pick the available products or services that you would like to represent or promote.
  • Establish a base from which you will promote as an affiliate.  The best free one to do this from is signing up as a blogger.  This blog you are reading from and thousand other blogs through Blogger (Google blogspot) cost nothing.  
  • Write a blog about something you are knowledgeable about and or passionate about.  The more experience you have, the easier it will be to post articles.
  • You can promote your blog on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks.  Bringing the reader back to your site will allow them to see what affiliate products you are promoting.
  • When one of your readers clicks on the link on your site, they will be taken to the product or service being promoted. They will then have the opportunity to buy the item.
  • Once the person clicks on the product and "buys" a small commission will go back to you.

My sidebar shows a link to the affiliate network I like to use, ShareASale. If you sign up, I get a small commission.  Better yet, check out all the merchants on the site and see which ones you would like to promote.

Affiliate marketing might just be what you need to make some extra money.

Changing Jobs Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Changing jobs outside your comfort zone. Has this happened to you? Or, are you contemplating crossing over into another career choice or type of work you have never done before? Of course, if you have had formal schooling in a new career choice and you are waiting for the right job to come along then this article is not for you. Today, I am addressing those who might have a little experience in the new job but basically will need to learn a great deal more to keep the job.  So where to begin...

First, you can do it. Learning a new job skill on the job is extremely challenging.  You got it though! Let's look at some tips to keep you happy and sane:

  • You have already demonstrated some job skills and no doubt a great attitude to get this job.  The employer sees in you the potential to take on this new job skill. They have already put faith in you by hiring you. Now, you just have to believe in yourself.
  • Assess your strengths and weaker areas.  Work on them both. No need to talk about this. You know what they are. Excel in what you are strong in.
  • Take clear and understandable notes that you can follow. Some people make a notebook with tabs to follow the details. This is crucial to a new job.
  • At home, go online and see what learning tools are available free at this time that can add knowledge to your job. Yes, "You Tube" is a great place to start.
  • When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask your boss for their advice as to the proper procedure in something you have never done before. Humility here shows you are willing to learn. Nobody knows everything.
  • As time goes on, you may be able to find a fee-based course either in a class you can take nearby or online at night perhaps on the weekends. Some employers may help with this fee or pay it all.
Whatever you do don't give up. There will be times that you will be overwhelmed. This is normal. However, as time goes on you will get more comfortable with the accumulated knowledge and skills you are building daily. Remember, a strong building is done in layers. This is the same with your new job.  One day at a time.  Have faith in yourself and hit this job with a fresh and happy spirit of "can do."